It’s ok to be different ?

I attended some training this weekend with 300 other like minded people. I was in my element, like me at Christmas and Tigger, literally. 

There I stood on my chair being recognised for becoming the 22nd Diamond in EUROPE. People wanted to talk to me, they wanted to know how I did it, they told me they love watching my journey. They told me I help them, I had no idea of this. 

Boom ? there it was in an instant. My journey shared with many. My dreams becoming a reality.

Humbled and mind blown. Raw truth from the beginning. 

I’ve been a Network Marketer for 3 years now and since starting out I often wondered why people were so bloody mean at times. Why did they input their negative comments and attitude towards me?

 I never gave up on my dream, I just learnt how to make full use of the delete button, online and in life.

Sure there were tears. Oh S O  M A N Y tears, frustrations, mistakes, lost friends, family disagreements BUT I must say, like Kanye West. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I’m not a huge fan but he’s kinda spot on here! 

Through it all, I still had no idea whatsoever about why people, human to human, friend to friend could be so ugly on the inside. Spitting venom everywhere on anything I did. Why dampen my dreams? It took A LONG time to figure this out.

I knew from a young age, probably like you reading this right now, that I would do great work in the world. Bold statement. Nevertheless a true statement. Of course I had no idea what but call it instinct. 

I was misunderstood throughout school. Bullied. Tried the unthinkable. In trouble all the time. The feelings started to come back around 3 years ago when I started out.  The only way to get through this was to journey through it. And that my friends is what I did! Exactly that. Am I stronger HELL yessssss!!! Do I have feelings? Of course, I’m human, BUT they are in check. 
They are in check because I learnt THEY don’t understand the bigger picture. They don’t understand what it is I do and why I do it. I’m a square peg that doesn’t fit their idea of the traditional round hole. 

To do great things and great work, to dare to be different, to stand out from the crowd, to be multicoloured amongst the grey YOU must have the courage to go forward and literally grab your journey with both hands.  It’s YOUR journey. Not theirs. Believe that you can and you are half way there already ?



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