It’s one of the 2. ME or MS… it’s a learning curve ✨

Ok so I’m still learning how to deal with this. Every day I tell myself to stop running at 100mph because il pay for it a day or 2 later ?

Today was not a great day, my vision had got so blurry I could of cried and my eyes felt so sore, burning sore. I’ve had pins and needles running all over my face head and down my spine today. It’s not a nice feeling at all. 2 hours rest and a lovely home cooked meal by Nico and I’m back to a ‘normality’

Everyday I’m learning, in my personal life and in my business. I’ve still made time for Jesse bear, Jacob, Nic and my business partners ❤️

On these days I’m slower but I get shit done ✅ If I break everything around me breaks so it’s never an option.

E V E R ?

Much love and respect to those out there winning the day against their own battles ❤️

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