Sunday is a majorly busy day for me in every respect ? 

Family first with lunch, we always come together on a Sunday for big lunch out. Actually we see each other a lot more than just Sunday ❤️

After lunch it’s down to business. If your in MLM you need a plan! You really need to bottom out your DMO…Daily Methods of Operation. To become successful look at Sunday’s as a day to plan out your week. Stick to it and your successes will come to you ?

What’s your plan? I would love to hear what your Sunday involves ❤️ drop me a mail! Don’t have one? We need to sort that #Stat! 

Ciao for now xx

It’s all a blur really, it was a bad time for myself and my family. February 2016. What a shockingly sad shitty year. 

To give some background my partner Nic is a fully qualified and registered Financial Advisor. I am a former Bank Manager turned work from home mum of 2 young boys.

Back to February, we never thought it would ever happen to us. EVER! Nic was made redundant… all so the CEO of the bank could get his £5m bonus for making an amount of severe cuts and recouping millions of pounds. I have no further comment on that fact other than thank you for making Nic and I stronger and more fierce in pursuit of our dreams. One of them being to never ever work for a high street brand bank ever again! 

Of course we didn’t feel strong at the time, it was us 4 as a family literally keeping heads above water. I became very sad a lot of the time, I felt we were failing our babies, that hurt me everyday I looked into their eyes, of course, they had no idea what was going on.

March 2016, my beautiful friend Jade came over to help me figure all this out, I had no idea about credits etc she would agree I was a teary mess trying to piece pennies together to make pounds. To this day I thank her with all my heart for helping me that day, love you beautiful xx

We had interviews at the job centre for income credit, never had we done this before. Issues after issues we got paid one payment of £600 in the month of August 16. That was it.

All through this we remained as positive as we could, we knew this was just a massive blip, the mortgage was only just being paid it was stressful BUT we just knew something good was coming along. 

Things started to change September 16. Nic had landed himself a temp position at an Independent Financial Company. He finally smiled again, a genuine happy smile, he wasn’t wearing the weight of the world on his shoulders anymore. 

All was finally getting ok again. I played my part in trying to get income in but that’s another story. 

December 16th 2016. The game changer happened. I’m still with that very game changer. Nic is full time and doing so well, I’m so proud of him. I’m so proud of us.

We got through a dark time together ?

The only way you will ever fail yourself is to quit on yourself. 

Charmaine xoxo